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For the past 15 years our Family has worked diligently to bring you the Best Agricultural Entertainment in Mid Michigan. The Country Corn Maze in Corunna, MI. Our maze has been recognized as the biggest and best designed with the best games by local newspaper and TV several times.

As with many things in life we have had some changes come about. Our primary business (Ag Pro Farm Service LLC) continues to grow and take more of our time and focus,. Family members have gotten married and started families of their own and family members who need more assistance due to advanced age.

Because of these things we will no longer be having the Country Corn Maze.

We will miss seeing the many people who have come every year and watched us grow from using tents and battery powered lights to remodeling our 100 year old barn to use for concessions and getting in out of the weather. We will miss seeing the kids who have grown up coming to our maze each year. We will miss working with the excellent team at Maze Play. We will miss seeing people show up in grumpy moods and then transform magically after they have found Checkpoints, Treasure, Who Dunnit and their way out!.

It has been our pleasure to serve you and we really appreciate the fact that you chose the Country Corn Maze as a Fall Destination.


Brian Martindale and Family
Country Corn Maze



No longer operating.


No longer operating.

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